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Vacation For Your Pet

Are you looking for a place for your pet while you're on vacation? Look no further than Queens Midway Animal Hospital for top-notch pet boarding services. Your pet will be completely happy and comfortable during his or her stay with us!


You'll have complete peace of mind leaving your furry loved one with our friendly and reliable team with over 40 years of experience in pet care!

  • Boarding

  • Outdoor runs

  • Grooming

Cat And Dog Boarding Services

  • Medical attention

  • Doggie daycare

  • Extended-stay boarding

Comfortable Pet Boarding

"First of all, I can remember coming to Dr. Kirks office since I was a child with our family pets. 39 years later I'm still coming. The only difference is now we have the pleasure of Dr. Kirk's son and also Dr. Kirk as our doctor. He is WONDERFUL, KIND, GENTLE AND PATIENT!!!! Dr. Kirk is one of the few vets I've ever come across to own his own pitbull and therefore he treats my 9 year old pitbull Alex without hesitation. He knows the breed, understands it and respects it. As a pitbull mom, I can tell you that that's not easy to find. I trust Dr. Kirk 10000% with my baby. I was just there with Alex on Tuesday, November 10th for an emergency visit. They took me the same day I called, wait was minimal under the circumstances of being squeezed in and as always I left feeling much better after seeing Dr. Kirk. Not only did he treat Alex with gentle loving hands, but because of him and his quick amazing skills, we were able to avoid partial tail amputation. Needless to say, my husband, myself, and most importantly Alex, left very happy people tonight....as I watch Alex sleep next to me in our bed, I know he's here and not in a cold dark kennel awaiting surgery ONLY because of Dr. Kirk. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! There is no other vet for me. Whether a rabies shot, or a serious condition, I'd never let anyone else treat my boy!! And you shouldn't either!!!!"

- Jennifer M.