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Natural And Holistic Pet Medicine And Nutrition

Your pet's nutrition is the key to a long and healthy life. At Queens Midway Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of healthy and delicious food for your pet.  


If you're worried about treating your pet with synthetic medicine, our natural and homeopathic remedies can help treat your pet's symptoms and pain. For over 40 years, our team has worked to find all-natural options in treating your pet.

  • Hill's Science Diet

  • Royal Canine

  • Purina

Healthy Choices For Your Pets

  • Iams

  • Supplements

  • All-natural medicine

All-Natural Options For Your Pet

"This is one of the Best and I will repeat it, THE BEST VETERINARY IN QUEENS. When I said the best I mean it. I have been in like 6 animal clinics in Queens - New York, and I changed one to another because the service is awful. This is my first dog and I care for her like my own daughter. Dr Kirk is very friendly. He loves to take care of dogs. My dog Chloe, she is very calm even when he administrate her shots. I would recommend this Vet to anyone in the whole city. Also, THE PRICES ARE VERY LOW. I took my dog to different places. I KNOW THE PRICES. HERE IT'S VERY REASONABLE AND HAS GREAT QUALITY AND HUMAN HOSPITALITY. Today is December 11 of 2015 so this is a recent visit, not an old review. This is one of the best and I am so happy to find him and his great staff. They speak ENGLISH AND SPANISH. Yeah ellos hablan espanol tambien si quieres que te cuenten los resultados en tu idioma."

- David N.


"I think my first experience with Dr. Kevin Kirk was in 2012 or 2013, when I brought in 2 cats I had adopted from the shelter. In 2014, I needed to bring my other cat,16.5-year-old lilac point Himalayan, AZ, in for a checkup because she didn't seem well, though her spirits, as ever, seemed high. Dr. Kirk determined that AZ needed lab work. After the results came back, Dr. Kirk informed me how very deathly ill my dear sweet AZ was. I already believed him, but he showed me a long lab list of all the things that were wrong with her. She needed to be put to sleep. This still brings tears to my eyes, and it brought big boo-hoos back then, but Dr. Kirk was so understanding, and did not make me feel awkward at all about my crying spells. Because of Dr. Kirk's caring hands, AZ left this world peacefully and quickly. I think Dr. Kevin Kirk is great!"

- Laura Anne W.